The multiplier event for the +ECHOES Project “ME1 – Distance and virtual learning: technologies, skills and training needs for VET and WBL projects” took place in Treviso on 23rd of February 2023.

The event was proposed in agreement with the IoT Italy association ( strategic partner of t2i, to offer the possibility of disseminating the results of ECHOES within a wider container for a large and involved public, very interested in ECHOES topics and capable of making the most of the proposed results. T2i presented the results of the ERASMUS + ECHOES project dedicated to the theme of digital platforms for distance learning. On the occasion of the event organized with Iot Italy, in particular, the results presented for ECHOES concerned the achievement of the first result of the project, R1 State of Art and Research Report on distance and virtual learning for VET and WBL projects. The Echoes multiplier event was strategically inserted within the day organized with Iot Italy which also had a subsequent focus on remote technological solutions starting from the world of “HEALTH” which has always been at the forefront for the technologically advanced offer proposed for the medical support to patients who need low-intensity medical interventions, which can also be provided at home. The themes proposed by the two approaches converge towards the common visions of the gaps and needs of operators and users, both technological and organizational.

The experience deriving from the world of advanced HEALTH could inspire and influence the technical needs of the eco-system of distance learning analyzed with ECHOES.