Type of Organisation: Social partner or other representative of working life (chambers of commerce, trade union, trade association)

Country: Slovenia

City: Šempeter pri Gorici


The Primorska Technology Park was established in 2000 as a support institution for the development of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity in the regional environment. Since then it has created a dynamic business community in the region. It is located at the intersection of Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and Gorica (Italy). The site is located on the motorway connecting Venice and Ljubljana, and we are only 30 km from Trieste Airport. Due to its strategic location and modern environment, young and larger companies from Slovenia, Italy, wider Europe and the world meet here. We are carriers of the most modern entrepreneurial methods, we are the link between entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, consultants, researchers and other experts, and we create optimal conditions for the establishment, growth and development of companies. 

Young companies are founded at Primorska Technology Park. We accompany them from the first steps to great success. We believe in a new generation that will create a promising entrepreneurial ecosystem. We systematically invest in developing the knowledge of young talents (potential entrepreneurs) and young companies. We offer programs for young companies who want to be more successful as well as programs for those who are just developing their entrepreneurial ideas and skills. We cooperate successfully with many partners from business, education, research and other fields.  

Our services are free of charge for the users, as we successfully raise funds through various national and international projects. The basic role of Primorska Technology Park, which acts as a business incubator (GoStartup), is to provide support to entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs in examining market opportunities, developing business ideas and business models, starting and growing a business and entering the (international) market. We organize various entrepreneurial programs (GoStartup School, GoStartup Master, GoStartup Weekends, GoStartup Clubs, …), various knowledge workshops for the development of key competences (online marketing, online shop, website optimisation, project management, …), mentoring program with successful entrepreneurs (Mentoring 1: 1), promotional and motivational events and networking events. More than 200 companies from various industries have already been founded within the framework of the incubator.  

The Primorska Technology Park is also the organizer of All-Slovenia Entrepreneurship Competition for young people under 29 (POPRI), which is linked internationally with Genius Olympiad Entrepreneurship Competition in New York, the USA. Besides the competition, we also organize a series of consecutive workshops under the name “Entrepreneurial Experiment”, which is the accompanying activity of the competition. The purpose of the workshops and competitions is to promote skills such as entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, entrepreneurial thinking, teamwork, public speaking, negotiation skills, transforming an entrepreneurial idea into a business model, prototyping, etc.  

The Primorska Technology Park is also a provider of innovative and creative business spaces. In addition to offices, lecture halls, meeting rooms (the size of the building is approximately 5000 m2), free Internet and other infrastructural advantages, it offers a coworking space dedicated to a new trend of self-employed people (freelancers, members of start-up teams,… ). Primorska Technology Park is one of the most important stakeholders in the Slovenian entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem, providing comprehensive support to companies in the early and advanced stages.

Primorska Technology Park and its team has rich and long experience in working with entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs and promising young individuals. Most of the programs of Primorska Technology Park are aimed at training young talents, potential entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs (start-up, scale-up, spin-off and others). The Primorska Technology Park has therefore created a rich network and connections with various business mentors, educational institutions, subjects of a supportive and innovative environment, investors, etc. During all the years that various business programs have been offered, Primorska Technology Park has created rich links not only with the participants, but also with supporting institutions (schools, universities, technology parks, incubators, investors, researchers, municipalities, …). 

The good knowledge of the target audience has enabled us to successfully develop appropriate (targeted) marketing, which facilitates the invitation and involvement of the target groups in our programs. The team of Primorska Technology Park has extensive experience in organizing events (from the technical, content and marketing side), as it bases the work of the Technology Park on the implementation of various activities, which are carried out in practice in the form of workshops and promotional events. 

Due to its participation in various national and international (EU) projects, the Technology Park team has a lot of knowledge in the field of tenders, project management, reporting and many international contacts. All the listed experience and knowledge would certainly make a useful contribution to the success of the project. In addition to its own knowledge, the Primorska Technology Park also has a rich network of entrepreneurial mentors who form the entrepreneurial community and co-create a contribution to successfully implemented projects. With all of the above, the organization of the Primorska Technology Park could make a quality contribution to the implementation of the project.