Type of Organisation: Small and medium sized enterprise

Country: Italy

Region: Lazio

City: Monterotondo (Roma)

Website: www.wematica.it

Wematica srl is a small size enterprise, structurated as a limited liability company.

Our purpose is to offer digital tailor made solutions to organizations, customers and clients. Our main areas of activity are the following: software and website development, web marketing, website creation and design, communication management.

The experience Wematica has, in the areas relevant for this project, are the following:

  • managing live webinar and live streaming events;
  • supporting professional users (trainers, business owners) in delivering high level of live streaming
    presentations, conference and events also supporting attendees during the live streaming;
  • measuring and analyzing attendees specific data, collecting instant feedback on the engagement and success of the live streaming webinar/events;
  • maintaining secure live streaming events/conference and assisting professional users by ensuring everything is fine during the live streaming;
  • recording live streaming webinar/conference and events, storing and distributing video
    recording to professional users and attendees;
  • creating landing pages, pre and post webinar, to register attendees and have feedbacks;
  • implementing tests with auto result and notifications;
  • developing third-party API integration.

Wematica knows the main and most common web platform for webinar, conference and live streaming events. Wematica also has already developed specific and customized live streaming platform and is ready to elaborate other customized and specific web platform upon request.

The skills and the expertise Wematica’s staff has, to be involved in this project, are the following:

  • experince in managing, moderating and monitoring real time webinar/live streaming events;
  • digital expertise in assisting and technically supporting professional users.

Wematica’s staff has a strong ability in finding and solving problems.